The Sheltowee Trace Association

A 501(c)3 non-profit formed to protect, preserve, and promote the Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail as a significant national resource for the enjoyment of hikers, bikers, and equestrians, and for the value that wild and scenic lands provide to all people

Office: 111 East First Street, Morehead, Ky. 40351 --- Telephone: 606.386.3636 --- Email:

STA Livingston Visitor and Training Center: P.O. Box 360, Livingston, Ky. 40445

The STA's membership stretches from one end of the Bluegrass to another.  We even have members outside the state in Florida, Washington State, Texas, and several other locations.   As the STA moves forward it is important that we bring our members and potential members together to continue the progress we have made and to see additional projects and trail improvements accomplished.

As we enter a new fiscal year, we will be organizing our membership into Chapters aligned with the Trace.  Our dedicated members and volunteers who live outside the boundary lines of the DBNF and the BSF will be offered  the opportunity of become a member-at-large of the section or chapter where they would like to volunteer.  

Chapters will work on the Trace and adjacent trails not being maintained, planning workdays, assisting with fundraising, organize local outdoor adventures and holding regular meetings and social activities.  Chapters will be lead by local volunteers and organized basically along county lines where the Trace passes through.  Chapters are:

Chapter 1 - Rowan County, Bath County, Mennefee County

Chapter 2 - Wolfe County, Lee County, Powell County, Owsley County

Chapter 3 - Jackson County, Laurel County, Rockcastle County

Chapter 4 - Pulaski County, McCreary County, Whitley County

​Chapter 5 - Scott, Pickett Fentress, Morgan, Tennessee

As you join the Association or renew your membership you'll have the option for choosing which chapter you wish to be aligned with or you can become a General Member-At-Large.  

We are excited about this new structure and opportunity to work closer with our members and friends to see the mission and vision to the Trace continue. 


The new south map set is now available from the STA.  The map set covers the Trace from McKee to Southern Terminus with all the trails in the Big South Fork included.

The STA is offering this map for $18.00 plus $1.50 postage.  For a limited time we are offering the complete set - north and south - for $33.00 which includes postage.

Order by sending a email to . Payment can be made by check, or for faster delivery make your payment through our PayPal account - 



Northern Terminus :  Forest Service Parking lot on Rt. 377 in Rowan County, Kentucky. 25 miles from Morehead your first trail town along your journey.

Southern Terminus:  Burnt Mill Bridge Trail Head in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.  In the Big South Fork the Trace share trail designations with multiple trails in the BSF system.  

Mileage:  As of October 1st 2014, the Trace is now 319 miles long. 


The Sheltowee Trace Association is teaming up with Network for Good to make donating to the work of the STA safer, more secure and easier.  The day to day operations of the STA are totally funded by our membership program, unobligated gifts to the organization or special fund drives for a specific cause of purpose.  Using Network for Good, we are able to let you see all your options in one page, making your decision easier.

We will continue to use our PayPal account for Trading Post transactions, membership due and event fees. 

​Click on the link below and make a donation today so that we can continue the work tomorrow. 

Support the STA "Off the Road & Into the Woods" Drive!  

Plans in 2015 call for the movement of the Trace off Tarr Ridge Road in the Cumberland District and into the Clifty Wilderness. This will cut 5 miles of road walk off the Trace and open up new areas of the Daniel Boone National Forest to foot traffic.  We can't do it without your financial support.  Each mile will cost about $1,500.00.  You can help by donating today to the STA Access Fund.

In 2015 there are plans to build a staircase at Van Hook Falls with an observation platform to provide safer more scenic access to the Trace at Van Hook Falls.  This is a $5,000.00 project.  You can help by donating today to the STA Access Fund.  

These are just two of the many trail projects we have on the drawing board to improve your access to the Trace.  The bottom line is, the more funds we can raise the more we can do to improve your trail experience.  

Please consider donating to this end of year campaign.  Your gift is tax deductible and will help us continue the work of the STA, "preserving, protecting and promoting" the Trace for generations to come.