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Since the opening of the Trace, from time to time brave, experienced mountain bikers attempt to ride the length of the Trace to become that first mountain biker End - 2 - Ender.

Two young men, back in January, 2000 seem to have come the closest to finishing the Trace on mountain bike.  Matt Hoyes and Matt Johnson made a noble attempt but had to by-pass a couple sections in those days when they ran out of time.   Here is a link to the journal of their attempt and photos from along the way.

Our Unprecedented Journey Across Ky's Sheltowee Trace

Recently, Mike Miser from Ohio, attempted to ride the Trace on his "fat tire" bike only to come up short at McKee.  

If you are interested in attempting to complete this challenge, bear in mind that there are a number of sections where mountain biking is prohibited and you will have to ride around those sections on Forest Service Roads or on local highways.  

The STA can assist you in your planning in this effort.  Contact the STA Office for details.


Attempting to Ride the Trace End - 2- End

Mountain Biking

Join Our Redbud Ride Team

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April 25th, London, Kentucky will again host the annual Redbud Ride.  Over a thousand cyclist, mountain bikers, experienced and novice will come together from across the country for a day of road biking. 

The STA is looking for volunteers to join Team Turtle as we participate in the Redbud Ride on April 25th.   Special riding jersey are being designed and will be available for all STA riders for a small contribution.

There are multiple routes / length to choose from on Saturday. 

The Yellow Route (23 miles) is our shortest route, which makes it the perfect route for the beginning rider or for a family.

The Orange Route (38 miles) is a modest route which makes it challenging for first-timers or a more casual pace for experienced riders.

The Green Route (70 miles) comes in as our intermediate route.

The Red Route (102 miles), is the pinnacle of the Redbud Ride and our most advanced route! 

In addition to riding the Redbud Ride, volunteers are also needed to man our information booth on the 25th and share the Sheltowee Trace story.

To ride with Team Turtle, contact executive director Steve Barbour for information and to reserve your space.  To volunteer to help man the Turtle booth, contact the office.  Email